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2002 BOR

2002 BOR

BOR Start The Team Route and Log Email In Bermuda



Email send to and from BOR536 AT hotmail DOT com

We had set up an email address for Chantecler and we accessed it from time to time either through a cellular phone link in the Chesapeake Bay or through the satellite phone in the Ocean. Allison McMullin was our Shore Communications Coordinator and relayed to our family and friends the phone calls or email messages she received, and vice-versa

From:   "Allison McMullin" Date:   2002/06/07 Fri PM 10:22:54 EDT To:   <>, Subject:   Hello Chad

Hi Chad-

It was exciting to see you leave the dock and then see the start of the race. We watched from the EYC. But we were not totally sure we knew which boat was yours. Jaffar’s wife was also there and she was not ever sure either! What a beautiful evening you must have had – I hope it was a good start. Make sure you keep a copy of the log for me to read (which should include anecdotal information as well as all the facts!).  

From:   "Allison McMullin" Date:   2002/06/08 Sat PM 02:21:25 EDT To: Subject:   June 8 Chantecler update

Hello All-

I heard from Chantecler right on time this afternoon – 2pm. I spoke with Chad who said everyone is doing well.

They had strong winds last night and left the Chesapeake Bay at 9am this morning – quite a bit earlier than they expected. They were going 14 – 15 knots at times! Right now they are heading 131 degrees on their way to Bermuda.

Currently he said the waves are 6-8 feet, warm air temperature, and partly cloudy skies.

They can still see some of the other boats in the race; in fact there is one boat about ½ mile off their port side. Chad said they have been gaining on them all day. Sound like it has been fun to be in proximity of some boats.

That is about all he said – other than no one is sea sick (yet!). Sounds like they are in good spirits. Our conversation was very short.

If any of you would like me to convey messages to the team, please let me know. They will be checking in at 2pm Eastern Time each day. I will e-mail you all after my contact with them.

Allison McMullin (Chad’s Wife)   

From:   "Allison McMullin" Date:   2002/06/09 Sun PM 08:38:33 EDT To:   Subject:   June 9 Check-in

Hello All-

Chantecler called in at 2pm this afternoon. It sounded like they had a wild night. Half the team got sea sick (including Chad), although they were all able to function fine. Today has been beautiful and much calmer. They can’t see any other boats in the race right now. They were 300+ miles on their way – almost ½ way.

I gave them some of the information from the race web site. They were interested to know their standing. They also were interested to hear the status of a few other boats (including Dark Star who “retired due to severe seasickness”).

They all seemed in good spirits. Said they would try to send an e-mail with a few more details. I will pass along any word I receive.


From:   "Allison McMullin" Date:   2002/06/10 Mon AM 11:54:18 EDT To:   Subject:   News from Chantecler

Monday 10th June

After 60 hours racing, we are now reaching the rhumb line, about 150+ miles from the east coast and Cape Hatteras. Saturday night was a rough night, as we crossed the Gulf Stream under strong winds (25+ knots) and heavy seas. Chantecler’s deck was often buried under warm water loaded with plankton. It felt like a hot tub. Crew has recovered from seasickness today in calm seas and lighter winds. The blue water ocean is now opened to us, an 8-knot nice breeze pushing us gently toward southeast.

Each member of the team is fulfilling his assignment, everything works just fine onboard.

For Chantecler, USA#536, Bertrand  

From:   "Allison McMullin" Date:   2002/06/10 Mon PM 02:22:08 EDT To:   Subject:   June 10 update

Hello All-

Just had a call from Chantecler. They are moving very slowly – 123 degrees is the heading, at about 5 knots. But Chad said it is a beautiful day. They past the mid-way point this morning and have about 300 miles to go. They have been flying the big spinnaker for about 1-½ days.

They have not seen any wildlife, other than storm petrels. They saw another boat last night, but do not have any in view right now.

Their current position is 34.24.65 N. 70.55.363 W. Chad said they made a mistake in their reporting this morning – they are doing better than it looks on the race web site.

Again a very short conversation, but it sounds like all is well.


From: "Allison McMullin" To: Subject: hello Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 20:30:39 -0400

Hello Team-

Glad to hear you are moving again! Hope the winds blow a bit stronger tonight. Be safe. Here are some of the positions of other boats, as of 0800, June 11:

Division 1

Farr Out 34.31.39 68.59.36 246 miles out

Silver Bullet 37.07.53 76.05.12 (as of 6/8)

American Promise 34.14.51 68.42.34 233 miles out

Shazam 33.37.00 68.10.26 182 miles out  

Division 2

Cat’s Paw 33.56.00 69.08.00 242 miles

Pursuit 33.31.90 68.10.15 183 miles out

Apparition 34.29.00 68.48.00 236 miles out

Others in Division 2 were behind you!  

Division 3

You were ahead of everyone in Division 3.

You are (or were at 0800) doing so well! Keep it up. I will send you details again tomorrow morning (0800) when everyone has posted new positions.   We are praying for your safety! Best of luck in the next 1-2 days!  


From: "Allison McMullin"  To: Subject: Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 20:33:54 -0400

Message to Paul and the rest:

Many thanks for the updates. Please tell all the crew we're very proud of what they've accomplished so far and wish them the best.

Family of Paul Hillier - Barrett and Christine + Mom

From: "Allison McMullin"  To: Subject: Farr Out Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 10:53:49 -0400

Thought you would enjoy this message from Farr Out.


1800 June 11, 2002 FARR OUT reporting position for N 34 06.960, W 68 11.293

Light NW winds between 3 and 5 kts made for slow sailing all day and little distance covered. Winds finally picked up at about 5pm - rising to 13kts from the southwest. FARR OUT is now moving again at 8-9 kts with 204 nm to go. Weather was sunny, hot, and perfectly clear all day. The freshening breeze provides huge mental relief and physical comfort. American Promise remains in sight to the south with another boat (Shazam?) just north. All fingers are crossed in hope this breeze will carry the rest of the way to Bermuda. It’s a lovely evening to sit on the rail. Regards.  


The following are two e-mails written by Chad:

6-11-02, 1030 EDT


So here we are continuing our day of slow progression. The wind lightened up over Sunday night with only a brief build to 9-10 knots Monday morning around 8:00AM. We have been flying our large spinnaker for about a day and a half. It is good in light winds but the angle has to just right for best performance. This is our biggest challenge at the moment. The question: how do we maximize speed, distance, and wind angle...? As it stands now the answer is a puff at a time.  

As you all may have heard we passed the half-way mark yesterday morning. The skies are wonderfully blue and the seas are calm with a deeper shade of blue. Sunlight streams deep through the surface... Ah I feel a puff. The boat is up about a slow 6 knot pace. We will take what we can at this point. ;-)

On board all sufferers of sea sickness have recovered with the typical voracious appetite. Our meals have been absolutely wonderful. Larry Vazzano (on board with us) and Howard Siemers put together and prepared great lunches and dinners. Last night we had a beef stew. It included of course the beef but also stewed potatoes, carrots, celery, and mild seasoning. I know it hit the spot for me and all others.

Our current position 33.50.130N 069.94.994W. Bermuda lies at approximately 32.30.929N 64.38.438W. Unfortunately the wind has shifted and we cannot point directly to Bermuda right now, so we are trying to maximize speed (aprox 5.5 kn) and minimize distance to destination. As slow as it seems, our 5.5 kn of speed,,,,this is much better than the last 12 hours, of straight 1.5 to 2.5 kn of speed...yes, boring we know. The whole night has been slow, with the sails flapping from one side of the boat to the other.  Other boats from class 1 (we think) are in our site. If this is true we are in good shape.  

Santiago has been very busy filming with the camera. So, you will get to know him very well. I think he is applying to some film directing graduate program.

Wildlife spottings have been few and far between. Sunday we had a few dolphins on the bow, plenty of jellyfish spottings, sea birds, and one baby turtle. Today we started seeing Bermudean Longtails, some nice white bird specie that according to Paul can fly at 25 miles per hour...

With such a slow night, we might not get to Bermuda until Thursday, but who knows, maybe the currents push us and winds build up again..lets hope so.  

I will stop here and get this off once the power is up and running.  

Wish us well...  

Team Chantecler

6-12-2002 6:03EDT  

The journey continues...

We are now less than 160 miles from the finish line. This is the morning of Wednesday and what a glorious day it should be. The night was humid with a 7-11 knot breeze from the S. Around 3AM the wind started to subside and clock more to the SW. Our current position is 33.30.201N 067.42.969W. Santiago, Bertrand and I go off watch in about 15 minutes. Although Bertrand clocked out about an hour ago. We will send pictures of proof (zzzzzzzzzz). There is a competitors boat south of us. We are not quite sure who it is... I am sure our paths will cross in the next 12 hours as both of us scramble to finish.

This fresh breeze late yesterday is a welcome relief from fluky and even zero wind conditions for over 12 hours. Our only hope is this engulfed the rest of the fleet in front and behind us. Time will tell...

Chantecler has performed nicely. Her accommodations have been more than sufficient for our crew. I believe we have all gotten into a groove of functioning in these less than spacious conditions. Although more than half the crew has commented at one time or another how easy it has been to function on this boat. Space aside, Chantecler has proven herself worthy of some good ole' off shore pounding. We were in the mix prior to leaving the bay and it simply built up approaching and through the gulf stream. Winds were not the issue topping 22 knots at times. It was the confused seas with short steep waves churned up by a NE wind against the prevailing current. Many a time we dropped steeply into the dark off the backside of a wave with a crash and shudder when her bow found water again. Water on the deck is a understatement as is the water which accumulated below. Thank goodness for bilge pumps...  

We are currently reaching under full main and code 0. Subsiding and shifting winds have enabled us to use this secret weapon. Ok not secret but a less common sail. Hopefully the wind will continue to build and remain S to SW. Chantecler performs well with the wind on her beam. A few more hours until the "dark and stormies".  

Time to wake the next shift.  

Team Chantecler

From: "Allison McMullin"  To: Subject: To Larry Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 14:20:13 -0400

  -----Original Message----- From: Jesse Vazzano Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 8:31 AM To: Subject: Re: June 10 update  

Hi Allison,  

Thank you for all of the updates. It really helps to follow the race. I was wondering if you know what makes up the variation among the divisions? My dad is Larry Vazzano, and my sister is visiting this week so I wanted to be able to explain where they were in the race and why they were in Division 3 instead of another Division. Thanks. Again thanks for the updates!


From: "Allison McMullin"  To: Subject: June 12 update Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 14:29:13 -0400

Hello All-

I just had a call from Chantecler (2pm EDT).  They are doing well. They are 106 miles to the first mark at Bermuda and then 23 to the finish line. They expect to be there before lunch tomorrow. If any of you have any notes you want to convey, let me know. I think they would be happy for news!

They were excited to hear positions of others. They can see a couple of boats, who they think are Farr Out and American Promise.

One message to Judy, Paul’s mom: He is doing fine. Chad said he is “double patching it” (sea sick patches). I asked if he was a wimp or what! I told him even I have done that trip without a patch. He didn’t appreciate that (although he used different language J)! Anyway, sounds like they are joking around and having fun.

I think our next update will be from the finish line!


From: "Allison McMullin"  To: Subject: To Bertrand Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 08:43:43 -0400

-----Original Message----- From: BELLEGARDE Olivia Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 8:12 AM To: '' Cc: Céline (E-mail); '' Subject: RE: Landfall!  

Dear Allison,

Thank you very much for forwarding to me emails and news received from the boat;

i myself then forwarded them on to the rest of the family and i can tell you that everyone has been really excited, waiting for them anxiously and opening them religiously ! (even my Dad got into his inbox every day)

Despite the lack of wind at times, they all seem to have had a great time (can't imagine what it will be like when they arrive in Bermuda...) which must be pretty exciting and tiring, especially for Bertrand, on watch!!

oh well ... they arrived there and we'd love to know what they felt when they see the coast approaching.

Please tell them Bravo for us (in particular to the chefs!) and send them our congratulations.

we have seen the program of festivities waiting for them in Bermuda and bet that it's going to be memorable.

send Bertrand our love and tell him that he should count the stars not to fall asleep and that we're very proud of him

olivia celine (the Bellegarde family)


De : Allison McMullin Envoyé : jeudi 13 juin 2002 13:17 À : Alicia Dellepiane; Allison McMullin; Carolyn McMullin; Chafik Bentchikou; Christine Hillier; Doug & Ginny Bywater; Doug Bywater; Grancoise Betchikou; Howard Siemers; Jesse Vazzano; Judith Anne Clark; Keith McMullin; Luz Sanchez; Marco Dellepiane; Mike Doan; Olivia Bellegarde; Salima Bentchikou; Skander Bentchikou Objet : Landfall!

I just had a call from Chad in Bermuda! They arrived about 4:30am Bermuda time. They were first in their class, but with corrected time they will be about 3rd. He said they were the first small boat to reach the dock and there were people from the larger boats out cheering them on!

Anyway, you will probably all hear from your loved ones today.


From: "Allison McMullin"  To: Subject: To Paul Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 08:44:49 -0400

Wonderful news. Thank you.

Message from Christine to Paul: "Barrett & I are having a wonderful time at the beach, but the beach is not the same without you. We miss you very much and look forward to hearing stories about your wonderful sail. We are rooting for you!"

And from Paul's Mom: "Those Bermuda Longtails are flying faster than you are. Hitch a ride and finish in style! Good job Chantecler and all your crew."

Anxious to hear about landfall.

Judy Clark  

From: "Allison McMullin"  To: Subject: To the Team, From Paul's family Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 11:43:48 -0400

Way to go Chantecler!

Congratulations to all from Paul's family: Christine & Barrett, Cindy, Mom, Uncle Bill monitoring from Europe. Sleep, shower, etc. and have fun in Bermuda.

From: "AZZOLINI Carlo  To: Subject: Good news from the. ....Bermudaaaaaa Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 12:07:00 -0400

What a feast. It seems to me that you're enjoying more than doing eplan. But again the two are not comparable as routers do not have 35 knots winds pushing them.

Did you find the other half to console you have this hard trip. Romantic beaches..... and beautiful man too I gather.

not having dates we all guess that the Monday you're referring to is June 24.

Have fun.\Carlo

-----Original Message----- Bertrand

From: chantecler [] Sent: Saturday, June 15, 2002 11:00 AM To: PINAUD Eddie FTLD/IAP; AZZOLINI Carlo FTLD/IAP Subject: news from the. ....Bermudaaaaaa

Guys, just a quick Email to tell you that everything went well, and we finally made it to the Bermuda.

We got there on Thursday after memorable adventures, like crossing the gulf stream in 12feet waves and 35 knots gusts, at night ! It was really an incredible experience!!

Now we are enjoying the island local resources -and pretty tourist chicks arriving daily on huge cruise boats ;-)). The island beaches are so romantic and the water is simply incredibly turquoise, crystal clear deep blue.

I wish I could stay longer...

Anyway, our departure to Annapolis is scheduled on Sunday or Monday according to one ugly cold front on the gulf stream.

I should be back by next Monday.



Subject: Un autre bonjour de Françoise To: Chantecler_Annapolis@Yahoo.Com CC: From: Fbentchikou Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 12:55:48 -0400

Jaffar et toute l'équipe,  

Bonjour et félicitations! Nous sommes tous très heureux ici de votre réussite, mais surtout, avant tout, du fait que vous êtes arrivés sains et saufs.  

Est-ce que Chantecler est un peu fatigué de son côté? L'avez-vous arrosé de rhum à l'arrivée? Et vous-mêmes, avez-vous arrosé généreusement votre sucès enpensant à tous ceux qui pensent à vous?  

Si l'équipage est plein d'entrain, peut-il proposer des prénoms autres qu'Onésime pour le bébé #3 de Salima.  

Et enfin, quand partez-vous, quand est-ce que vous prévoyez de rentrer? Comment pouvez-vous nous contacter?



Note à Jaffar:   Chafik passe aujourd'hui pour commencer son déménagement. je vais lui donner deux petits meubles bleux de notre chambre étant donné que je veux faire de la place pour ceux qui arriveront plus tard de Miromesnil. J'espère que c'est OK -sinon Chafik l les rapportera dans deux semaines quand il revient pour faire la fin de son déménagement .   Hier j'ai eu le plaisr de travailler jusqu'a 8h du soir avec le président de G. sur leur code des marchés. C'était plutôt fatiguant..

From: "Allison McMullin"  To: CC: "Chad McMullin" , Subject: Update on Chantecler's return Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 07:44:27 -0400

Dear Chantecler:

All our best wishes! I know your families will be happy to hear some news.


-----Original Message----- Santiago

From: chantecler [] Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 7:04 PM To: amcmullin Subject:  

Allison, et. al.

here we are at Chantecler once more...sailing at 35.21.984N, 71.35.130W. I hope you don't mind forwarding this message to the usual group. Please also add the two following addresses:

thanks a lot for the worldwide coverage.

We took off from Bermuda on Monday morning, spent the day before just waiting for the storms to clear, we still wonder whether it was worth waiting...

At approximately 1200 on Monday, during my watch I went down for some snacks, Tim & Bertrand were complaining about their empty stomachs so I volunteered. It was blowing 15 knots, and we had just been through at least 3 hours of 20 knots and hard seas, right after taking off from the island.

When I came down to the cabin, the sound of water didn't seem right...the bilges were full and the bow compartment full of water...and full, meaning FULL. Crew woke up and the task started...massively bailing out water like crazy, the compartments below the v-berth were full of water, right up to the top. As larry figured it, the storm sail and other gear stored below had unplugged the depth sounder plug...letting water just come right in.

Just to give you an idea, there was so much water up the bow that the stern was lifted 18 inches from the water thanks hunger saving the boat from going down.

A moment of fear,,,and once we solved it we laughed and rested...the bailing had been exhausting, mentally and physically...and then came 2 more days, no more water in the boat but squalls after squalls, or a continuous storm perhaps is a better description.

Today has been nicer, just a little bit of rain and somewhat lighter winds (12-22kn). The two past days have been very exhausting, we are quite tired but happy to have made such good speeds and so many miles, at this rate we might be in town by friday night.

Our own company down the way has been Mental Floss, another boat in our class, and we've radioed with them a couple of times, its nice to have a boat around in these seas.

Chad, we miss your navigational skills, here I'm writing this email and don't know I'll hold my breath, its not a nice thing to look at this screen in the middle of waves and swell...

We hope everyone is well out there, here at Chantecler we are safe and sound, and looking forward to see the shore.

From Chantecler, June 19, 2002,

Santiago & crew

Jaffar, Larry, Tim, Bertrand


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